MYPF Annual Timeline

Approximate Annual Timeline of MYPF Activities

When What Who
July 1 Deadline for MYPF applications  
July and August
MYPF Fellowship year begins with Online Core Training in Nonviolent Direct Action & Organizing Directors; Trainers; MYPF’s; Chaperones/WG
September thru May Training continues with Online Elective Training Workshops. These are open to the public and address a wide range of topics and organizing skills.  MYPF get paid $20 for each “elective” workshop and must complete a minimum of 3 to obtain their Certification.

Public Speaking Engagements for MYPF Fellows are occassionally requested

January thru April MYPF WG begins recruiting for MYPF applicants MYPF WG
May & June YP Fellow applicants are interviewed and selected by MYPF Directors Directors
June Graduation Ceremony; Project Reports; New YP Fellows meet with Graduating YP Fellows and MYPF supporters MYPF WG; MYPF Supporters; Graduating MYPF’s; New MYPF’s; Mentors
Late June to July 1; cycle begins again YP Fellowship year begins with Intensive/Core Training Directors; Trainers; MYPF’s; Chaperones/WG

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